Multi-functional Camo Tape Non-woven Self-adhesive Camouflage Wrap Hunting Cycling Waterproof Non-Slip Camo Stealth Tape

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--- Features ---

Camping Hunting Camouflage Stealth Tape.

Provides Insulation against cold surfaces (extremely useful on metal surfaces).

Excellent as a Concealment aid.

Can Reduces any Glare or shine of the object.

Ideal for weapons, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles & sheaths, ammo clips, canteens & more.

Used for basic covering of items including weapon claning kits, notebooks.

Used to camouflage equipment including weapons, torches, flasks.

Used for minor repairs on equipment.

Used as a Concealment aid.

The tape is not only usefull for the military but is also excellent for anyone working in the outdoors.

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