Easy Fish Hook Extractor

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When you are hobby fishing, keeping your game alive is super important to the environment.

Our one-of-kind fishing hook remover takes out hooks as quickly and as gently as possible and decreases the death rate. This tool is very fast and easy to use.

And get this, not only does the fish hook remover protect the fish but it also prevents you from harming your fingers. The remover is equipped with a rounded edge pin that'll NEVER catch on your fingers and cause injury while you try to remove the hook. The easy pull T-shaped handle allows you to safely and easily unhook fish with just one hand.


  • One-Handed Operation: The ergonomic plastic handle fits your hand with ease and comfort.
  • Remove Deeply Swallowed Hooks: Sometimes, hooks deep in the gut are hard to remove. Our tool safely gets them out.
  • Finger Protection: Our tool prevents injury to your fingers from hooks and sharp fish teeth.
  • Less Harm: You'll be amazed by how well our tool removes hooks from fish without causing them harm or injury.
  • Anodized Aluminum: Anodized Aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion.